Rentokil Rat Bait Station

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Rentokil rat bait station FBSR02.

Lockable bait station for secure baiting of rats. Required by legislation for use when using any poison rat baits.

Ready-to-use tamper resistant bait station. Required by legislation when baiting for rats. Solid construction, tried and tested with rats. Can hold ANY Rentokil bait – grains, blocks and pasta bait. Can also hold our advanced rat trap. Fully reuseable – key included

How to use: Follow the full instructions before use. Open the bait station and put bait securely inside. Close the bait station and place it in areas where rats have been seen. Exclude ALL pets and children during use and remove all baits before allowing them back into the treatment area.

Where to use: Anywhere that rats have been seen, particularly in sheds, garages, under decking or near compost heaps

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