Rentokil Fast Action Mouse Killer

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Rentokil Fast Action Mouse Killer 2 pre-baited boxes PSF135.

Fast Action Mouse Killer is a unique, highly palatable and effective rodenticide product, which kills mice within 24 hours. There is sufficient bait to kill up to about 100 mice. The bait is held securely in pre-baited boxes making it a child and pet friendly system.

Contains Alphachloralose.

Kills mice within 24 hours.Children and pet friendly. One box kills up to 50 mice. Available in a single and twin packs. No bait handling required. For indoor use.

How to use: Use as soon as infestation occurs. Always read the label and product information before use. Use biocides safely.

Where to use: Ideal locations for use are where mice have been seen running, such as against walls, under cupboards, behind furniture in loft spaces, garages and sheds.

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