Grass Gains Lawn Bulk Black 2.5Kg

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Grass Gains Lawn Bulk Black 2.5kg.

Organic Source: The fertiliser contains an organic source of essential nutrients like Nitrogen and Potassium, promoting natural and healthy growth.

Rich in Nutrients: It includes trace elements and high levels of amino acids, providing a balanced nutrient supply for your lawn.

Lawn Revitalisation: The fertiliser offers a significant “green-up” effect for your lawn, rejuvenating its look and health.

Disease and Stress Protection: The organic biostimulant fertiliser protects your grass from diseases and various environmental stresses.

Pet and Child Friendly: This fertiliser is safe for use around pets and children, reducing the worry of harmful chemical exposure.

Year-Round Application: The fertiliser can be applied throughout the year, allowing for consistent lawn care and maintenance.

Biostimulant Properties: It stimulates the biological activity in the soil, enhancing nutrient absorption and promoting plant growth.

Environmentally Friendly: As an organic product, it minimises negative impacts on the environment compared to synthetic fertilisers.

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