US PRO 99Pc Metric Drill Bit Set 2644

£29.99 inc VAT

US PRO 99Pc metric drill bit set 2644.

A metric high speed steel drill bit set made to DIN338 standards.
The set contains:
1.5mm x 16pc
2.0mm x 16pc
2.5mm x 15pc
3.0mm x 10pc
3.2mm x 10pc
3.5mm x 8pc
4.0mm x 8pc
4.5mm x 3pc
5.0mm x 3pc
5.5mm x 2pc
6.0mm x 2pc
6.5mm x 2pc
8.0mm x 2pc
10.0mm x 2pc
• DIN338 Standard
• 135 degree split point
• Supplied in metal storage case
US PRO 2644