US PRO 5PC 225MM Reciprocating Saw Blade Wood/Metal 9167

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US PRO 5PC 225MM reciprocating saw blade wood/metal 9167.

US910DF BIM is a flexible, long life reciprocating saw blade and has been optimised for fast cuts in wood & metal. Ideal for demolition work.
Made from high quality M2 BIM (Bi-Metal 6150) which ensures a longer lifetime and a higher performance when cutting regular steel. Blades made this way are more durable and outperform conventional HCS (high carbon steel) blades.
The blade has 6TPI and a tooth pitch of 4.3 mm.
• Wood and Chipboard <175mm with nails/metal
• Glass fibre reinforced plastic/epoxy <175mm
• Wall cut-outs Wood and Metal <175mm
• Material: BIM (Bi-Metal 6150 + M2)
• Tooth Pitch: 4.3mm
• Teeth Per Inch: 6
• Length: 225mm
• Width: 22mm
• Thickness: 1.5mm
• Shank: 1/2″ Universal Shank
US PRO 9167

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