US PRO Tungsten Carbonate Burr Set Of 5

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US PRO Tungsten carbonate burr set Of 5.

A five piece set of double cut tungsten carbide burrs in a range of shapes. Extremely hard wearing and suitable for work with metals, plastic and wood.
Our Tungsten Carbide Burr’s are made from pure raw material which means they can be hardened to HRA 89-91. The sintering process is performed in a pressure furnace to keep volatilisation to a minimum and ensure the highest hardness is achieved. Manufacturers that use scrap material and a vacuum sintering process cannot reach the same level of hardness.
A silver braze is used rather than a copper braze favoured by other manufacturers as it can be applied at a lower temperature that will not affect the concentricity and hardness of the burr and shank.
• Shank size: 6mm diameter
• Shank length: 45mm
• Material: YG8 Tungsten Carbide
• Hardness: HRA 89-91
Contents (Sizes are cut diameter x cut length):
Type B – Cylinder end cut 8 x 20mm
Type D – Ball shape 8 x 7mm
Type E – Oval shape 8 x 13mm
Type F – Tree with radius end 8 x 20mm
Type G – Tree with pointed end 8 x 20mm
US PRO 7074