US PRO 16Pc Locking Wheel Nut Master Set 1337

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US PRO 16pc locking wheel nut master set 1337.

– Easily removes locking wheel nuts
– Thin wall sockets prevent damaging wheels
– Extra long socket keys keep your wrench away from the wheel to prevent nicks and scratches
– Double hex head design fits most wrenches as well as 13/16″ and 7/8″ sockets
This set has wheel nut keys for nearly every wheel on the market today.
5pt Spline 15.5mm Inner Diameter, 19.7mm Outer
6pt Spline 17.5mm Inner Diameter, 20mm Outer
6pt Spline 20mm Inner Diameter, 23.5mm Outer
7pt Spline 16mm Inner Diameter, 19.7mm Outer
7pt Spline 16.5mm Inner Diameter, 21mm Outer
7pt Spline 18mm Inner Diameter, 23mm Outer
8pt Star Key 12.6mm Outer Dimension
8pt Star Key 16.7mm Outer Dimension
9pt Star Key 12mm Outer Dimension
10pt Star Key 13.3mm Outer Dimension
12pt Spline 15.8mm Inner Diameter
12pt Spline 18.5mm Inner Diameter, 23mm Outer
Hex Key 12mm Outer Dimension
Hex Key 14mm Outer Dimension
Hex Key 15mm Outer Dimension
Flute Key 12mm Outer Dimension
US PRO 1337

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